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Nanometer Size Diamond Powders/Solutions/ Slurries

The unique expertise developed in-house for the characterization of diamond powders with respect to particle size, particle shape, surface cleanliness, and purity (extrinsic & intrinsic impurities) enables Engis Corp. to manufacture consistently high-quality nanometer-size diamond powders whose properties are precisely defined and controlled for consistent performance.

We offer nanometer-size diamond powders in custom sizes  and distributions upon customers' specific requirements.

We specialize in various applications:

  • Lapping & polishing: HDD, Optics, Electronics
  • Medical: drug delivery and imaging systems
  • Thermal management
  • Coatings


Diamond type: Monocrystalline

  • Static HPHT Synthesis
  • Static compression of graphite-metal catalyst mixture at HPHT (P > 50 Kbar; T >1400)

Diamond type: Engineered (Surface modified) Monocrystalline

  • Modification of diamond surface via thermal processes (envelope of amorphous Carbon layer)

Diamond type: Polycrystalline

  • Dynamic HPHT Synthesis – Indirect Explosion
  • Shock wave compression of graphite-metal (Cu) mixture

Diamond type: Clusters of nano size diamond nanocrystallites – A.K.A. Nanodiamond

  • Dynamic HPHT Synthesis – Direct Explosion
  • Detonation of oxygen-deficient explosive mixture (TNT/RDX) in a closed chamber
  • Laser treatment of targets containing carbon soot mixed within hydrocarbon media

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