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FACING & GROOVING Lap plate facing - The key to lapping consistency

Maintaining a flat and evenly textured composite lap plate is critical for stable lapping performance. Traditionally this is achieved with a diamond plated conditioning ring, requiring a high level of operator experience and skill. To improve this process, Engis has engineered a solution that helps take the ‘art’ out of lapping, the Facing/Grooving Device.

Using a diamond tool bit, this innovative device removes the top layer of the composite plate, making it flat to within microns. A groove pattern can be machined in a second pass. It is even possible to create a tapered plate to produce slightly convex/concave surfaces. When the device is not in use, it retracts out of the work zone.

Plate Facing Advantages:

  • Consistent plate shape (flat or tapered)
  • Long lasting, consistent plate texture
  • Increased stock removal rate
  • Improved lapping performance stability
  • Improved ergonomics, no need to lift heavy rings

The facing/grooving device is an option that can be added to most Hyprez lapping machines at the time the machine is ordered.