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Hyprez® Diamond Compound

Engis originally developed its precision diamond compound to improve gyroscopes for navigation systems in 1940s aircraft.  Now, with more than 80 years of experience, Engis is a world leader in the manufacture of high-quality diamond compound, offering the widest range of products in the industry. 

Hyprez® Diamond Compound is available in pastes, gels, and pourable/pumpable options, depending on user needs. All options are available in diamond sizes ranging from 0.1 – 60 microns, with precision graded mono- or polycrystalline diamond.  An Engis application engineer can assist you in selecting the best product for your application.

Diamond Pastes

Diamond pastes are thick formulations, dispensed from a syringe or jar and manually spread across the part. Pastes are the most commonly used form of diamond compound for hand polishing, and they are used with a companion lubricant.

Compound Type L W FiveStar (FS)
 Solubility  Oil Water Universal (Oil/Water)
 Companion Lubricant OS-IV W Lubricant OS-IV or W
 Compound Package Options Syringe (5, 18, 50, 100 gram), Hyplicator® (10 gram) or Jar (100, 5000 gram)


Diamond Gels

Diamond gels are thinner than pastes, but still thick enough to be applied with a syringe. The thinner consistency results in slower drying, reducing scratching on larger parts while maintaining good adhesion to lapping tools and parts. Great for automated or hand polishing.

Compound Type L-GEL W-GEL
Solubility Oil Water
Companion Lubricant OS-IV W Lubricant
Compound Package Options  Syringe (18,100 gram)


Flowable Compounds

Flowable compounds can be poured or pumped for applications using automated polishing. The thick formulation will flow around the part while maintaining good adhesion.

Compound Type L-FLO W-FLO
Solubility Oil Water
Companion Lubricant OS-IV W Lubricant
Compound Package Options  Pint Bottle (400 grams)


*Engis can customize other packaging types and unit sizes to meet your production requirements

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