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We help you achieve maximum profits by lowering your production costs utilising the Engis full systems approach. Contact us today to speak with one of our specialists about your superabrasive finishing requirements.

Engis UK Ltd is the European affiliate of Engis Corporation, servicing the European market, including Israel and Turkey.

The European sales office and stock holding is located in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. At this site there is also a laboratory consisting of a range of machines including a bore finishing and lapping machine which are used for process development and demonstration purposes.


Trade shows

Davos Congress Centre.

11th – 16th September 2022

Engis – Booth M014 (A) level 1

Chicago, IL McCormick Center, USA

12th – 17th September 2022

Engis – North Building, Level 3 – Booth 236726

Industries Served

  • Precision Optics
    Precision Optics
  • Semiconductor
  • Precision Barrels
    Precision Barrels
  • Aerospace
  • Hydraulic
  • Powertrain Components
    Powertrain Components
  • Polishing & Deburring
    Polishing & Deburring
  • Medical
  • Valve Lapping
    Valve Lapping
  • Machining Centre
    Machining Centre
  • Lumber
  • Foundry