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Electroplated Superabrasive Grinding Wheels

Plated Product

Superabrasive electroplated products for precision applications. For the most demanding applications such as high strength alloys, ceramics, fiberglass pipe, and composites.

Electrogrip® Superabrasive Grinding Wheels

Electroplated Superabrasive Diamond & CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) grinding wheels come in a variety of forms and shapes as standards and manufactured to precision print specifications. Designed primarily for grinding ferrous and non-ferrous material such as carbon steels, ferrites, tungsten carbide, ceramic, aluminum oxide, aluminum, gray and ductile iron, and aerospace materials.  

High Speed grinding with superabrasive products:  

Operating Diamond or CBN grinding wheels at high speeds running at a maximum of 25,000 SFPM surface feet per minute. The wheel blank must be designed for proper wheel installation and safety procedures. The wheel needs to be mounted so centrifugal force does not allow the wheel to move causing an imbalance, resulting in reduced wheel performance. The wheels balance is critical to maximum performance of a wheel or mounted mandrel.  


  • Ability to cut freely - Cuts cooler - no metallurgical part damage
  • No truing or dressing is necessary
  • High Precision – Consistent parts batch to batch.
  • When the diamond mono- layer is worn out, return the wheel to Engis for re-plating.
  • Available in any form, and in a variety of grit sizes

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