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Grinding Castings with Superabrasives

Today's modern foundry has changed to diamond wheels on their grinding and cleaning operations. These products provide relief from operator injury, respiratory exposure, and operator fatigue. Used on robots and hand grinders, Engis diamond wheels have delivered significant savings in abrasives costs, labor costs, and lowered overall cost/ton.

Here are some of the benefits.

Productivity Improvements

  • 15% faster cycle times and more
  • Minimum 50% reduction in consumables cost
  • Significantly reduced labor costs per ton
  • Frees up tool control capacity

Quality Benefits

  • The consistent grinding outcome, casting to casting
  • Eliminates decolorization of the workpiece
  • Improved casting appearance

Health and Safety Benefits

  • Reduces 99% of Operator Risk of injury and lost time
  • Eliminates breakage risk from abuse or over-speeding
  • Eliminates respiratory hazard of discharge
  • Contributes to a clean workspace
  • Lighter weight provides better ergonomics and less fatigue

Environmental Benefits

  • No Particulate Discharge from the wheels
  • 100% inert materials
  • ECO-friendly disposal impact
  • Reduces dust collection tonnage – up to 150# per wheel

Strip and Replate Service on any wheel blank regardless of the original manufacturer.

Click here to learn more about Engis Re-Plating/Reconditioning Service.

Dia-Forz Product Development

Our product development never stands still. Our team of product engineers is working on a number of new Dia-ForZ products to complete our product offerings. We have Cut-Off wheels, Type 6 cup wheels, and Stand Grinder wheels. We work with casting materials beyond gray, ductile, and malleable iron, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, high nickel alloys, and aluminum.

Please contact us with your specialty application to design and provide you with a wheel for your specific applications.

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